About Us

Grantee Partners

The family seeks grassroots leaders who recognize the strength, courage, and capacity of women and girls, and who address a constellation of their needs with direct service projects. Our philosophy is in order to create equity for women and girls around the globe it is imperative to invest in solutions that are holistic and comprehensive in nature

Working with Us

We work with a very select group of philanthropists that are: visionary, passionate and curious; from all areas of philanthropic interest and focus; typically have assets in excess of 1 million and up to 50 million; are willing to be vigorously self reflective; and truly want to engage in creating positive change in our world. Contact us to learn more.

Our Founder

Sasha Rabsey

Sasha Rabsey is the founder of the HOW Fund and HOW Fellowship, which support international mentorship programs for girls, and is co-founder of the innovative Present Purpose Network, a group of highly engaged women funders in the US and Europe making critical grassroots grants through informed collective giving. Current HOW Fund and Present Purpose Network grantees include, for example, an anti sex trafficking program in Vietnam, a mentorship program for adolescent girls in Nairobi, a training program committed to ending Female Genital Cutting in Burkina Faso, and a leadership program for young Pakistani women. In addition to providing program grants through the HOW Fund and Present Purpose Network, Sasha’s HOW Fellowship program recognizes and supports grassroots leaders working with young women on issues of education, social justice and reproductive health. HOW Fellows are awarded professional development coaching before during and after their participation in the prestigious Opportunity Collaboration conference in Cancun, Mexico. Sasha currently sits on the boards of IDEX (Thousand Currents), African in the Diaspora (AiD), Bantwana Initiative and is on the Programs and Services Committee for Exponent Philanthropy. Sasha blogs and is a frequent speaker on the empowerment of women and girls internationally and current issues in philanthropy. She consults on meaningful and effective philanthropic engagement for family foundations, and individual donors and non-profits. Sasha has a lifelong commitment to giving girls a chance her vision is of a world where all girls are empowered with education and opportunity. When Sasha founded the HOW Fund in 2009, she quickly honed her philanthropic focus to programs the offered mentorship for adolescent girls and since then has passionately advocated for girls and young women, providing not only grants to projects benefiting them, but writing a widely-read blog, and, in 2011, creating the HOW Fellowship program. In its second year the Fellowship has recognized four mentoring innovators from around the world, each of whom will receive a professional development grant and attendance at the prestigious Opportunity Collaboration Conference in Ixtapa, Mexico. Sasha’s commitment to girls’ empowerment is firmly based in her belief that giving girls a chance is a worthy goal in and of itself, not just because it supports food security and economic development. “It’s the right, just, and fair thing to do.”

Philanthropist to Philanthropist


Founded in 2006 by Sasha Rabsey as a way to invest in the future of our world. Through the first hand experience of The How Fund’s visionary leader Sasha Rabsey, The How Fund has evolved from a small family foundation into a center of thought and learning convening philanthropists and their advisors.

  • We focus on helping people learn HOW to give smarter, give kinder, and influence change more competently on the global philanthropy stage.
  • We are entering a new world paradigm of philanthropy. 

The necessity for cultural and contextual competency is absolutely essential in our world today in order to be effective and responsible in our work.
We provide support and guidance in helping to take your philanthropy from transactional to transformational.

Advisement by philanthropists for Philanthropists is a rare gem. Our first hand expertise as philanthropists fuels your learning without undue influences or pressure in any way.

We hold confidentiality and discretion as one of our highest values. Safe spaces for philanthropists to explore challenging issues and opportunities is essential.

We believe that philanthropy is complex and there are very few resources in the world for us. We are often seen as prey for for-profit consultants and large philanthropic advisement entities. We need spaces to work and learn together that strengthens us as individuals and as a sector.

We understand forming a philanthropic vision because we have undertaken it and we want to pass on that knowledge to you and your team so you can avoid the pitfalls we survived and also share the lessons which have transformed our philanthropy.

We have had life changing experiences during site visits to our grantees all over the globe. We believe that we can prepare you for these experiences in a way that will transform the encounter for you and potential grantees.

We understand the complexity of being seen as a source of great financial resources and the dynamic that can create. We help you you develop a framework to navigate that to a place of ease and joy of being in solidarity with those seeking funds.


Philanthropic Advisement

Our team of skilled advisors can provide support and advisement at all stages of your philanthropy. Helping to determine mission, vision and values all the way to reframing long time philanthropy efforts and breathing new life into your giving.

We focus on areas that are often very challenging for philanthropists. Investment strategy, site visits, grantee engagement, and the long game.

Convening for Philanthropists by Philanthropists.

A few times a year in a beautiful and nurturing environment we convene small (10-15) groups for a 2-day session in personal and professional renewal and learning.

The focus is a concentrated co-learning environment. We bring in world-class facilitators and educators to deep dive with you on the key areas of your philanthropy.

How Fellowships for grantee cohorts

We provide support, mentorship and education for your grantees. One of the key elements many philanthropists miss is building lasting and deeply rewarding relationships with their grantees/partners. These relationships are steeped in culture, context and personal experiences that need nurturing and guidance for the greatest rewards. We teach you and/or your grantees how to navigate funding relationships and leverage their expertise to greater benefit. Amplifying your philanthropy by investing in your grantees is often a missed opportunity.


Motivation and Driving Forces

People always ask me “why have you chosen to support women and girls” which immediately follows with “why don’t you help girls here in the USA?” Years ago, when I was a teenager, I went camping with a friend …
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The Elephant Has Left the Room

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What Looks Right

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First Lady

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